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  • Google brings 1080p resolution to Meet. But read the fine print first

    In an official post, Google announced that it is bringing 1080p resolution to Google Meet video calls to allow users to download lagu experience HD video calls. This brings it in line with Microsoft Teams and Zoom which allowed the functionality earlier. However, this upgrade from 720p to 1080p is only available to paid account […]

  • Technology Services announces centre of excellence in Mysuru

    The release also further stated that the new CoE will leverage the LTTS cross-disciplinary skill sets that will be covering embedded, mechanical, and digital facets of https://safetysignandlabel.com.au/ (naked url) engineering. Moreover, LTTS has been actively working with global technology companies like AWS to bring digital engineering solutions to end customers on the cloud. Some of […]

  • How retired IT workers could help close the tech sector skills gap

    The growing influence of federated social media platform Mastodon could serve as a possible model for consumer Pods. Mastodon is not a single, privately held social network like Twitter now is, rather a network of distributed servers or instances which federate together in a collective review film group. If a Mastodon user doesn’t like their […]

  • Rio’s Contaminated Water: 7 Infections People Could Get

    The coastal waters around Rio de Janeiro, where many Olympic water competitions will soon take place, are reportedly teeming with harmful viruses and bacteria. So what illnesses might people catch if they swallow some of the water? If the water has been contaminated with raw sewage, as has been reported, then a number of common […]

  • Doping at the Games: Why the Olympics Banned 

    For Olympic athletes looking to boost their athletic prowess, the wide world of doping drugs provides ample opportunities. Very competitive athletes are vulnerable to the idea that drugs may help them gain a “secret edge,” said Tom Hildebrandt, a psychologist and the director of the Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug Program at the Mount Sinai […]

  • Biggest Doping Scandals in Olympics History

    Some athletes seeking to push the boundaries of their personal performance may find it tempting to grab a competitive advantage by looking beyond their training and nutrition. And on the world’s biggest stage, at the Olympic Games, there are all too many instances of athletes who have turned to the use of a chemical advantage […]

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